The Hero Project is made up of three EPLs (EPL 4487, 4488, 4489) covering a total of 2,941kmĀ². The Project is located about 420km northeast of Windhoek and 90km east of the regional town of Grootfontein.

The Hero Project is targeting the continuation of the well mineralised Otavi Mountainland which includes historically mined deposits at Tsumeb, Abenab, Berg Aukas and Kombat (amongst others).

The Hero Project is located under cover sequences of Kalahari Group and Karoo Supergroup rocks which are probably up to 300m thick in places in the east and less than 100m in the west.

Current Work Programme

Regional magnetic data has been purchased and is in the process of being interpreted. The regional magnetic data interpretation will highlight prominent geological structures visible through the cover sequences and allow specific areas to be targeted for future work.

The regional magnetic data will also be used to determine whether government airborne electromagnetic (VTEM) data should be purchased over part of the Project area.