• The Project is located in central Mozambique.
  • The Project area is a known mineralised uranium district with old historic uranium mines.
  • The only drilling to date has been around the old historic mine locations which revealed widespread uranium. Uranium content up to 4600 ppm.
  • Widespread radiometric anomalies - most of which has never been drill tested.
  • Area is prospective for base metals, gold and rare earth elements.


The Mavuzi tenements cover an area of known uranium mineralisation. Uranium mineralisation is shear zone hosted vein style davidite in gabbros and anorthosite. Uranium was mined at Mavuzi from 1950-1973. Production records indicate that 50 tonnes of uranium was extracted from 1947 to 1950. There are no known production records from 1950 to 1973. Mining ceased in 1973 due to the then Mozambique civil war and the execution of the mine manager. Empirical observations of the camp/administrative infrastructure (including air strip) suggests a relatively large operation.

The only modern drilling to date has been around the old mine area and immediate surrounds.

Results include:

  • Mavuzi Mine - 2m @ 3400 ppm U308 within 8m @ 1000 ppm U308 from 30m down hole with a maximum value of 4600 ppm U308.
  • Airport - 7m @ 300 ppm U308 from 31m down hole with highest values up to 1000 ppm.
  • Kaboazi Creek - Two mineralised zones revealed - the first from 1m down hole with values up to 700 ppm U308 within 6m of 270 ppm U308. The second zone included values up to 1300 ppm U308 from 26m down hole within 4m @ 500 ppm U308.